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Arizona Felony Law

A felony defense is crucial when facing severe criminal accusations, as a conviction can result in significant long-term consequences. Even without a conviction, an arrest for a felony offense may have substantial collateral repercussions, such as potential job loss and loss of child custody. Furthermore, a conviction could result in an extended prison term and substantial fines.

However, even after serving your prison sentence, you may no longer be able to own a gun, work in specific industries, or even access bank loans. Essentially, a felony charge can turn your life upside down. With Arizona aggressively prosecuting felony offenses, you need to protect your rights whether or not you committed the crime.

It is advisable to seek the help of a well-qualified and experienced Arizona felony defense lawyer to guide you through the complex criminal justice system while ensuring you get a favorable court outcome. At Dodge & Vega PLC, we are familiar with the criminal court system and are committed to fighting for your rights.

A felony offense is a serious criminal charge likely to derail your life. You need all the help you can get to defend your right to freedom

Felony Offenses in Arizona

Felony Defense Attorney

Many people only get to know they are facing a felony charge once the court formally charges them. Accordingly, they only realize the gravity of the problem they are in sometimes too late. Unlike the lesser misdemeanor charges, a felony conviction is likely to result in a prison sentence. Arizona classifies felonies into different levels, from a Class 6 felony to a Class 1 felony, which is the highest and includes offenses like murder.

Arizona further categorizes felonies into dangerous, non-dangerous, and dangerous crimes against children. Dangerous crimes include murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and burglary, some sexual assaults, kidnapping, and child prostitution. Non-dangerous crimes include theft, forgery, arson, drug offenses, money laundering, white-collar crimes, and identity theft.

Dangerous crimes against children include attempted murder of a child under age 12, sexual exploitation of minors, giving harmful items like drugs and guns to a minor, luring minors into sexual exploitation, and sexually assaulting a minor.

Similar to the varying forms and nature of felony offenses, their penalties vary widely. However, felonies are serious crimes and often involve a penalty of at least one year in jail. Arizona penalizes these crimes according to their severity and related classifications, with a Class 1 felony attracting the most severe penalties. Below are these felony penalties according to class categorization:

Class 1

  • life imprisonment or the death penalty for a first-degree murder
  • not less than 10 years up to life in prison for a second-degree murder

Class 2

  • not less than 3 years in prison for non-dangerous crimes
  • up to 35 years in prison if there are aggravating factors

Class 3

  • not less than 2 years in prison for non-dangerous crimes
  • up to 25 years in prison for more serious crimes and repeat offenses

Class 4

  • a prison sentence of between 12 months and 16 years depending on the nature of the crime and if there are repeat offenses

Class 5

  • not less than 5 months and up to 8 years in prison, depending on the crime’s unique circumstances

Class 6

  • not less than 3 months and up to 6 years in prison.
  • the court can sometimes reduce a Class 6 felony to a class 1 misdemeanor with the respective penalty

Besides imprisonment, a felony conviction is also likely to attract other penalties, including

  • fines of up to $150,000
  • court-ordered restitution, primarily where a crime victim incurred economic losses
  • a drug treatment program in place of jail time
  • registration as a sex offender for sex crimes

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A felony offense is a serious criminal charge likely to derail your life. You need all the help you can get to defend your right to freedom, with a conviction almost a guaranteed prison sentence. You should seek the services of a well-qualified and experienced felony defense lawyer to help you navigate the often complex criminal justice system. If you are in Arizona, our skilled and experienced Arizona felony defense lawyers at Dodge & Vega PLC can help you. We will defend you in court and assist you through the process, including investigating your case and interviewing witnesses if necessary. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our services.

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