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Arizona Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

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Arizona Sexual Assault Law

[vc_column_textIn Arizona, Sexual Assault Defense is vital as assault occurs when unwanted or offensive contact is made, like kicking or punching. However, this is a misdemeanor. Per A.R.S. §13-1240, aggravated assault involves intending to cause severe bodily harm.

Aggravated assault may include the use of a dangerous weapon or anything likely to cause death or serious bodily harm. Other situations that may constitute an aggravated assault include any assault during a home invasion, any assault inflicted by a person of 18 years and above on a person under 15 years.

The law also classifies an aggravated offense as any attempt to interfere with a protected-class professional while on duty, including firefighters, police officers, prison guards, nurses, and health professionals. With all these scenarios, aggravated assault is a fairly common crime across Arizona.

Aggravated assault is a serious criminal charge that attracts severe penalties, including imprisonment. With increased concerns over rising incidences of aggravated assault in Arizona, law enforcement aggressively pursue and prosecute related charges. Accordingly, you should seek the help of a competent Arizona aggravated assault lawyer when facing aggravated assault charges.[/vc_column_text]

Whether the sexual assault accusations are malicious or not, you deserve a fair hearing.

What is Sexual Assault?

Depending on the nature and classification of an aggravated assault, the prosecutor must prove several elements to get a conviction against you. The prosecutor needs to prove that;

  • the assault led to serious physical harm
  • the defendant used a deadly or dangerous weapon or simulated the same
  • the assault resulted in temporary but substantial disfigurement

Additionally, the state will need to prove other factors depending on the nature of the case. For instance, in a suspected aggravated assault against a police officer, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant knew or had a reason to know that the victim was a police officer.

Arizona Sex Assault Penalties

Arizona penalties for aggravated assault are as outlined in A.R.S 13-704. Depending on the nature and severity of their offense, anyone convicted of the crime is likely to face the following penalties:

Class 5 Felony

  • a prison sentence can be between two and four years
  • a prison sentence of up to eight years for repeat offenders

Class 4 Felony

  • a prison term can be between four and eight years
  • a prison sentence of up to sixteen years for repeat offenders

Class 3 Felony

  • a prison sentence can be between five and fifteen years
  • a maximum of up to twenty-five years prison sentence for repeat offenders

Class 2 Felony

  • a prison sentence can be between seven and twenty-one years
  • a prison sentence of up to thirty-five years for repeat offenders

Contact a Mesa Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Unlike simple assault, a misdemeanor, aggravated assault is a felony assault with the risk of going to prison if convicted. An aggravated assault charge is likely to lead to life-changing consequences hence the need for a strong legal sexual assault defense. If you are facing an aggravated assault charge in Arizona, contact our skilled and experienced Arizona aggravated assault lawyer at Dodge & Vega PLC. We will guide you through the often complex criminal justice system while fighting to have the court reduce or dismiss the charges against you. Contact our offices today for a free consultation and to learn more about our services.

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