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Dodge & Vega Staff

Ben Dodge with Dodge & Vega is an attorney with a rare combination of great skills, knowledge and professionalism. AMAZING! This is the first word that comes to mind when describing the skill, competence and friendliness of Ben and his team.

Victoria Loewe

Dodge & Vega PLC, what a great team making a positive impact inside the courtroom as well as outside in the community. Always true to core values with the determination to make the absolute best out of any life situation. True leaders with great purpose. It’s an honor to know you!

Saul Hernandez | Paralegal

Dodge & Vega PLC maintain an incredible reputation just based on quality customer service. I have recommended countless people to Ben and Bacho receiving nothing but incredible reaction how life-saving there services have been. Keep up the good work family!!

Travis Brun

Working with Dodge & Vega has been great. They are very timely, attentive, and provide great feedback. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a top notch divorce lawyer in Mesa.

Chris Baker

We are so impressed with this firm. From day one we’ve been treated with the utmost respect and care. We like doing business with people we consider friends and everyone at Dodge and Vega are just that. In addition the level of competence and professionalism we’ve experienced boosts the confidence in our decision that we chose the right team.

Steve Treinen

Ben Dodge is an attorney with a passion for riding and riders! He cares about the cycling community and frequently goes above and beyond to help those suffering. Many people could tell personal stories of private caring support offered them! If you want honest representation by an ethical person that cares about you, look no further!

Matthew Earl

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Misdemeanor charges may carry up to 6 months jail, fines, fees, probation, and more.

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Felony convictions can have severe and lasting collateral consequences in your life.

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DUI charges can be very scary and confusing. Talk to an experienced attorney today.

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