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Criminal Law

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Arizona CDL Disqualifications

Arizona commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders operate relatively larger and heavier vehicles than other drivers. Accidents involving these vehicles, including trucks and semi-trucks, tend to be extremely dangerous and often lead to catastrophic injuries for victims. Accordingly, someone with a CDL is subject to stricter laws and harsher consequences than regular drivers for violations. The consequences may include a CDL disqualification. A CDL disqualification invalidates a person’s commercial driver’s license. Consequently, the person may be unable to drive a commercial motor vehicle temporarily or permanently, depending on the seriousness of their violation. Arizona Laws on CDL Disqualifications There are many violations, each with...

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Grand Theft Auto in Arizona

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In Arizona, grand theft auto is commonly referred to as theft of means of transportation and is a felony offense with severe penalties, including potential imprisonment and monetary fines. Means of transportation may include any vehicle used on the highway, waterway, or airway, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and boats. The law considers a person to have committed the crime if they knowingly and without lawful authority take someone else's 'means of transportation' intending to deprive them of the vehicle permanently. It can also be grand theft auto if a person fails to return a borrowed vehicle within the agreed-upon time or...

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Criminal Trespass In Arizona

A criminal trespass occurs when a person knowingly enters or remains on another’s property without permission. You risk criminal charges for ignoring a ‘no trespass sign’ on a commercial or residential property and illegally entering or remaining on the property. Arizona seeks to protect the interest of property owners by prosecuting illegal trespassing. Arizona law classifies criminal trespass into first, second, and third degree with the first degree being the most serious offense. Your criminal charge will depend on the type of property you entered and your behavior while there, including ignoring the owner’s request to leave. Criminal Trespass in the First...

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