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Arizona CDL Disqualifications

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Arizona CDL Disqualifications

Arizona commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders operate relatively larger and heavier vehicles than other drivers. Accidents involving these vehicles, including trucks and semi-trucks, tend to be extremely dangerous and often lead to catastrophic injuries for victims. Accordingly, someone with a CDL is subject to stricter laws and harsher consequences than regular drivers for violations. The consequences may include a CDL disqualification.

A CDL disqualification invalidates a person’s commercial driver’s license. Consequently, the person may be unable to drive a commercial motor vehicle temporarily or permanently, depending on the seriousness of their violation.

Arizona Laws on CDL Disqualifications

There are many violations, each with a different disqualification period, under which Arizona laws in (A.R.S.) 28-3312 disqualify a commercial driver’s license, including:

Permanent Disqualification

  • Conviction for using any vehicle to commit a felony drug crime

Lifetime Disqualification

  • A second driving under the influence (DUI) conviction
  • Two or more of the below-listed violations were committed separately after December 31, 1989

3-year Disqualification

  • Receiving an out-of-service order three or more times in 10 years
  • Two or more convictions for violating an out-of-service order during any 10 years while transporting hazardous material
  • Any of the below-listed violations while transporting hazardous material

2-year Disqualification

  • A second conviction for violating an out-of-service order in 10 years

1-year Disqualification

  • A first D.U.I conviction
  • Refusing a blood or a breath test in a D.U.I investigation
  • A third or more conviction for violating a railroad crossing law
  • Using a vehicle to commit a felony
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Driving a commercial vehicle on a revoked CDL license
  • A conviction for fraud on a CDL application
  • Causing a fatality through negligent operation of a commercial vehicle

Up to 1-year Disqualification

  • Driving in a manner that constitutes an imminent hazard

6 Month Disqualification

  • Receiving an out-of-service order once in 10 years

120-day Disqualification

  • A second conviction for violating a railroad crossing law
  • A third or more conviction for a serious traffic violation within three years

60-day Disqualification

  • A first-time conviction for violating a railroad crossing law
  • Falsifying information on a CDL license application
  • A second conviction for a serious traffic violation within three years

A DUI with a CDL License

A CDL holder risks severe consequences for driving under the influence, including an end to their career and professional reputation. Commercial drivers are subject to stricter laws than regular drivers considering their vehicles’ immense weight and size. While a regular driver can get away with a blood alcohol content (B.A.C) level of not more than 0.08%, Arizona law requires CDL holders to have a maximum level of 0.04%.

Unlike regular drivers, CDL holders risk a one-year license suspension for a suspected D.U.I even without a conviction. A second D.U.I. conviction will result in a permanent license revocation for a CDL holder. They also risk monetary fines and potential jail time for a D.U.I conviction. Typically, a D.U.I conviction can be life-changing for a commercial driver.

Bottom Line

Commercial trucks and semi-trucks pose a great risk to other road users, especially in case of an accident, with some commercial vehicles also transporting hazardous materials. Understandably, drivers of these vehicles owe other road users a higher duty of care than regular drivers. Arizona requires CDL holders to adhere to stricter laws while subjecting them to harsher penalties than regular drivers, even for similar violations.

These severe consequences, including CDL disqualifications, are often life-changing. They can leave you without a job and un-employable. You may even end up in jail. Fighting traffic violations as a CDL holder is often a do-or-die affair. However, you don’t need to do it alone. If you are a CDL holder facing disqualification or fighting related traffic violations in Mesa, AZ, we are here for you. Contact our qualified and skilled criminal defense lawyers at Dodge & Vega P.L.C for a free case evaluation and solid legal representation.


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